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I’m a newcomer to Congress, and I understand the desire to make things work in Congress. Are you worried about your opponent becoming an incumbent and what that means to the election? I was a clerk for the court in which one of my colleagues was obviously a federal judge. They asked me to become a member of the group, and also I’m focused on helping. I am not interested, neither do I want to be concerned. By Aamer Madhani Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) President Joe Biden plans to go to New York City, Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and Somerset County, Pennsylvania, to trace the 20th anniversary of the Sept.

11 terrorist attacks, his office announced Tuesday. WASHINGTON (AP) President Joe Biden in addition to first lady Jill Biden diet plan to check out New York, Pennsylvania and Shanksville, Pennsylvania, to draw the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed almost 3,000 people. A White House official said Wednesday that the Biden plans travel to New York, Pennsylvania to honor 9/11 victims. Bidens to mark 9/11 anniversary by going to New York, Shanksville, x.com and Pennsylvania.

He is the sole candidate who has learned what it takes making Prince William and Loudoun work for everyone, not just all those who have an insider’s advantage. Dan Helmer has nearly always been a champion for public education, fighting for more effective facilities and access to after school programs. He understands the immediate need for economic growth and development, but unlike his opponents, has a sound understanding of the value of making our state a much better place for families and communities.

– Chris Freeland, President Elect Prince William County Council Taking action on climate change, purchasing environmentally friendly products like alternative energy, electric vehicles, and clean cars, so we are able to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 20. A lot more about Dan Helmer. Repairing the infrastructure of ours and creating a huge number of good paying jobs in Congressional District 10 by passing the INVEST Act, the one trillion infrastructure bill currently pending before Congress.

Reforming how we manage guns, to have guns clear of individuals with a record of domestic violence as well as other brutal crimes- fortifying the criminal background check system and ensuring that each and every American is able to vote by mail in future elections. Congress should act quickly on universal background checks and an assault weapons ban. Reforming the gun laws of ours. Candidate for Congressional District 10, Current.

Our laws need to make sure guns stay from the hands of brutal felons and those convicted of domestic abuse.