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They feature the products of theirs on a totally free of cost basis. In this way, you can also choose them without paying some charges. But there a wide range of people who have lost their money within the past as a result of several scam ICOs and they have suffered from such problems. Hence, in case you would like to avoid such issues in that case , you ought to opt for these platforms. What happens when I get a high score?

ratings which are High indicate that numerous other users believe that the project is legitimate. They will find it much easier to purchase your token, coininfinity.io and your listing will show up on the search engine results page. We therefore propose you publish a lot more articles about the process, for instance articles, or a whitepaper. You are able to discover additional information about the effects of your rating in our FAWhat happens if I receive a rating lower than my personal? What is the big difference between a listing and also an add on?

An add-on is a tool which is provided by TokenGeek to provide additional functionality to a token project. For instance, we currently provide a service named ICO Rating that lets you rate your job with a scale of 1 5 stars. We also provide a service named ICO Analysis that gives you detailed info about your project including the amount of coins you’re issuing, the cost per coin, and the market cap of your project.

Let’s start by going through the needs for a listing application as well as the different types of pre-listing deposits. The Requirements. It is vital to comprehend the pre listing deposit is separate from the listing rate. The listing fee can be paid taking advantage of a variety of ways and is also normally based upon what size the exchange is. There aren’t any set standards or timelines for the pre listing deposit. Pre-listing deposits are usually paid in cryptocurrency (BTC, XRP, ETH, etc.) though they might even be paid out in fiat or maybe some other crypto.

It’s highly suggested that the listing be paid in fiat currency to stay away from exchange rate risks. I can’t find the money the listing fee. Will I still list my token? Yes, you can list your token on TokenGeek even in case you cannot afford the listing fee. Just how can I spend the listing fee? If perhaps you are an accredited investor, you are able to spend the listing payment via a verified cryptocurrency wallet such as Coinbase, GDAX, Circle, Gemini, etc.

When you’re not an accredited investor, please speak to us at supporttokengeek.com to request payment via wire transfer. How can I publish a token for listing?